Mexican Blankets as Yoga Blankets

Mexican Blankets as Yoga Blankets

May 28th 2017

Mexican Blankets: Versatile Yoga Blankets Serve Many Purposes

Mexican blankets are quickly becoming a popular item to use for a variety of purposes, especially as yoga blankets. Also known as serapes blankets, these blankets feature the traditional striped weave, providing exceptional warmth and padding. They beat out other types of quilts, covers and yoga mats thanks to their trendy style, high level of comfort and long-lasting durability.

Mexican Blankets as Yoga Blankets Beginning yoga enthusiasts and veteran yogis alike appreciate the benefits the serapes blankets bring to their workouts. With just the right amount of padding, these blankets make yoga poses more comfortable and achievable, especially for exercisers who need the extra cushion. The textured weave creates some traction for bare feet and hands stretching to sustain even the most challenging poses.

Take a look at the clientele of the most popular yoga studios and gyms and you will find many people toting their very own Mexican blankets. They bring a festive look to one’s workout attire and roll-up easily for no-hassle storage in gym bags or yoga bags.

Serapes Blankets as Home Décor While they make ideal yoga blankets, the Mexican blankets are also unique and colorful additions to any room in your home. Fold one over the back of a leather couch or hang one from a quilt rack to display the rich colors and intricate striped weave. They bring a point of interest to the room, whether you are going for a southwestern theme or just appreciate the beauty and craftsmanship of the serapes blanket.

The durability of the fabric makes the blankets a great choice to use as a colorful couch cover, table cover, bedroom comforter or even as a floor covering. These blankets offer a unique touch of color, richness and warmth to any room.

Mexican Blankets for Warmth Looking for creative ways to cut your energy bills this winter? When each member of the family has a Mexican blanket during the night, you can keep the house cooler and no one will notice. These covers provide warmth during the coldest nights and are perfect for children and adults who like to stay nice and toasty, as the blankets keep the body warmth contained. There’s no need to toss and turn or continually awake to turn up the heater in the home. Serapes blankets provide the perfect cover to snuggle under during cold nights.

In addition to having multiple uses, Mexican blankets are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Each strand of the blanket is dyed separately before hand-looming which creates the vibrant and unique look of each blanket. No two blankets are the same, making these items distinctive works of art.

Mexican blankets make wonderful wedding gifts, anniversary gifts or even birthday gifts. Purchase one as a yoga blanket for the yogi in your life, or give the gift of warmth to a loved one during the holiday season. You can be certain this will be the gift that keeps on giving, as Mexican blankets last year after year after year with very little wear and tear, even with frequent washings.