Top 5 Uses for Yoga Mats by Dog Lovers

Top 5 Uses for Yoga Mats by Dog Lovers

Posted by Claire Brundrett on Oct 9th 2019


Of course your dog needs a yoga mat for their Doga (Dog Yoga) session (yes it really is a thing), however, there are many other ways your dog can benefit from yoga mats. Dogs slipping on hard and flat surfaces is a common issue every pet owner faces. Yoga mats are a great solution. For comfort and stability, these non-slip yoga mats create a surface that is easy to custom fit and maintain in any area of your home.

Finding the right mat is key. It is important to make sure the yoga mat is 6P free, lead free, and heavy metal free since dogs may lick or chew on the mats. What is 6P free? 6P free means they are free of the 6 types of phthalates known to cause damage to the liver, lungs, kidneys, reproductive system, and even been linked to cancer. You also want to make sure the yoga mat has a good grip and is slip resistant. Yoga mats, like Sunshine Yoga’s Hello Fit Yoga Mat, are one of the amazing products we offer that meet all these requirements and are budget-friendly.


Line Dog Scale

In veterinary clinics and hospitals, dogs often slip on the metal plates on the scale. By lining the plate and then calibrating the scale, dogs are able to stand more steadily to get a more accurate reading. It is also more comfortable and warmer than the metal scale alone.


Place Mats for Training

Dog trainers use yoga mats as dog spots for training purposes. Using yoga mats as place mats is a great way to designate the area for a dog to await commands. Yoga mats also work well under pee pads since they are easy to clean and dry quickly.


Line an Exam Table

Dogs can often be afraid to get on an exam table. Their nervousness can make them less stable on the tall surface, making them susceptible to slipping off. Yoga mats offer a non-slip, easy-to-wash solution.


Hallway Runners and Safe Spaces

Dogs in general have a hard time on hardwood and tile floors, and even more so in their elderly age or if they are recuperating from an injury.. Yoga mats are good for their joints and act as an absorbent cushions when they are walking. Yoga mats also feel comfortable on their feet and don’t slip around when they are walking on top of them. Sunshine Yoga’s Yoga Mat Rolls offer 104 feet of mat that you can cut to any length and they come in two thicknesses, 5mm and 6mm. The ability to cut these rolls to any length you want gives you the flexibility to customize them to your space. They can fit in longer hallways and wider door entry areas.


Dog Crate or Kennel Liner

Eventually crate mats and crate beds need to be washed. Pillowed cushions require machine or hand wash and drying time. Yoga mats offer an easier care option. Wipe, wash, or hose down with a solution of vinegar, a mild detergent like Dawn and warm water. Then towel dry and your mat is ready to be placed back into the crate!