Stretching Straps

One of the key elements to successful Yoga is flexibility. Flexibility is a major component when it comes to avoiding injury when doing yoga. Yoga straps and bands are a fabulous way to increase your level of flexibility and enhance your range of motion in your yoga routine. Straps and bands are a great tool for pre-yoga stretching or aiding yourself during particular Yoga poses that require intense flexibility.

By placing your strap or band under your hips, buttocks, or knees and pulling on the ends of the strap you can create resistance which will allow you to achieve greater flexibility. Our straps and bands can be used in sitting and upright positions, so no matter the difficulty of the pose you can improve your balance and muscle firmness, along with your flexibility.

We guarantee you will love adding one of our Yoga straps or bands to your routine. The benefits you’ll see by consistently using your strap or band will be priceless and you will take your Yoga to a whole new level.

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Russ, Owner