Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters help make Yoga what is supposed to be -- relaxed and comfortable. Bolsters are a cushioned device that are often shaped as cylinders, rectangles or pranayamas, and are generally placed under your spine, buttocks, or legs to support your body in difficult positions during your Yoga workouts. Yoga bolsters are for every level of Yoga – from the beginner to the professional. Not only will they give you support during your Yoga sessions, but they will help you improve your form, flexibility, and strength – particularly in your core and back.

Bolsters can also be used to stretch your body after a long day at the office or on your feet. By placing the bolster under the area of your body that is most painful and laying flat, it will allow you to fully stretch your upper body and decrease your pain level.

We know not everyone has the ability to support their body in every Yoga position, which is why we have a number of different bolsters to choose from. And we want you to find the perfect bolster for that fits your Yoga needs. So give your next Yoga session a boost with a new Yoga bolster!

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Russ, Owner