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Yoga Mats Aren’t Just for Yoga Anymore

May 28th 2017

The features of yoga mats such as great their cushioning effect and the texturing that prevents skidding, are exactly what makes them perfect for Yoga, Pilates, and any exercise routine where you … read more

What is a Yoga Sandbag and How Do I Use it?

May 24th 2017

One lesser-known yoga accessory is the sandbag. Like the name implies, these workout tools are bags made from canvas or other woven materials and are filled with sand. The cloth material that the bag … read more

Benefits of Using a Fitness Ball

May 24th 2017

Fitness balls, also known as stability balls, have become increasingly popular for their various uses in the fitness field. Exercise balls are extremely functional and can be added to your current wor … read more

Why Do I Need a Yoga Strap?

May 24th 2017

Props and accessories used to improve yoga posture, increase movement and extend stretches include the yoga strap, d-ring strap, cinch strap and pinch strap. Additional props include mats, blocks, pil … read more

What are foam rollers

May 24th 2017

Foam rollers, which vary in size, can be found in the gym, carried into Pilates and yoga classes, or utilized in physical therapy sessions. Picture a rolling pin made of foam, without the handles, and … read more