Benefits of Using a Fitness Ball

Mar 14th 2024

Fitness balls, also known as stability balls, have become increasingly popular for their various uses in the fitness field. Exercise balls are extremely functional and can be added to your current workout in a number of different ways. Below is a discussion of just a few of the possibilities for your using your new fitness ball.

Yoga and Pilates

A stability ball can be used to perform many yoga and pilates poses. The ball can enhance the benefits of these exercises by allowing more flexibility in difficult poses. Balance is key in many areas of yoga and pilates, which is why an exercise ball can be such an effective tool. Because the ball is round, the body must use its own strength to balance on the ball without causing it to roll or move. Keeping the ball still seems like an easy task, but it gives amazing results by toning the muscles and improving core strength. The ball can also be used when trying new yoga positions to provide extra support.

Core Conditioning

A stability ball can used to increase overall core strength, with a focus on the upper abs, lower abs, obliques, and back. Almost any standard abdomen or back exercises can be altered to incorporate a ball. Usually, adding the ball allows you to complete the exercise more correctly with less strain on other muscle groups. Laying stomach down, with the ball under the hips, you can slowly yourself over the ball for an excellent back exercise. Laying with the back on the ball is a starting position for classic ab moves, including the standard crunch and side twist. The moves will define the core muscles.

Strength Training

A fitness ball can be used during athletic and resistance training in combination with free weights or machines to build strength. The ball is a favorite of personal trainers because they are very aware of how adding this ball improves results. Even simply sitting on the ball while lifting weights will tighten the core and produce better arm and shoulder form. The ball can also be used with a weighted cable pull system and hand weights.