Mexican Blankets – Traditional and Modern Use

Apr 5th 2017

Traditional Mexican blankets were woven from wool yarn on looms that could only produce a narrow blanket, usually 30 inches wide. Two identical blankets were often woven and joined together to form … read more

Uses for Yoga Blocks for Yoga Exercises

Apr 4th 2017

Yoga blocks are very useful props for anyone to use while performing some of the Yoga poses. They are especially handy for Yoga beginners who are still a bit unsteady and may not be as flexible as oth … read more

Yoga Mat Manufacturer

Mar 23rd 2017

Yoga Mat Manufacturer Before you import, please talk to me. Let's make a deal. We are a manufacturer of yoga mats and can be very aggressive. We have a large inventory in the USA that is read … read more

Fitness Ball Warnings

Mar 23rd 2017

IMPORTANT: READ ALL WARNINGS AND CAUTIONARY STATEMENTS TO REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY WHEN USING YOUR FITNESS BALL CAUTION! Before beginning any exercise program, please consult your healthcare provi … read more