​Why you Need a Cork Yoga Mat?

​Why you Need a Cork Yoga Mat?

Mar 18th 2024

Yoga mats are made out of all sorts of materials. Most are different combinations of rubber, plastic, vinyl, or silicone, but there are some other materials that have unique benefits. One of these materials is cork. Cork yoga equipment has a distinct color and look to it, as well as a unique texture and cushion. Cork has become more popular in yoga recently, but why? Is cork equipment really that much better than other equipment? Are you missing out because you don’t own a cork mat yourself?

Well, kind of. Owning a cork mat combines the eco-friendly and sustainable benefits you want in a mat with the durable, breathable, and comfortable benefits you need. Cork mats are the best of all worlds. They are natural, renewable, non-slip, and comfortable. Plus, the color of the cork is beautiful and eye catching. If you’re still not convinced you need cork yoga equipment, we’ve come up with five explanations to how cork material will improve your everyday yoga flow.

  • 1.Better Grip

Cork is non-slip and has a better grip than traditional yoga mat material. Whether you are using a cork mat or block, this extra grip will help you to hold difficult poses and endure even the most strenuous flows. The natural material quickly wicks away liquids, so your sweat will not affect the incredible grip of the mat. With cork material by your side, you will be able to feel strong and steady during any type of exercise.

  • 2.Durable

Cork is durable and long lasting, so once you purchase a cork mat you won’t need to replace it for a while. The material is made to endure tough impact and pressure, meaning your cork mat won’t wear and tear like regular yoga mats do. It is impermeable and elastic, and there is no need to worry about easily denting or scratching the material. Cork is tough and thick, but smooth enough for perfect comfort. It is one of the best materials for someone who uses their mat often or someone who enjoys challenging themselves with difficult poses and flows.

  • 3.Eco-Friendly

Yoga is about doing good for yourself and others, so why not do good and help the planet by using sustainable resources during your yoga routine? Cork is an all-natural material made from the bark of the cork oak tree, so it is eco-friendly, sustainable, and renewable. It can be hard to find yoga equipment that is both high quality and environmentally friendly, but cork material is just that! It gives you all the comfort and support that you need along with the sustainability that you want. Unlike other eco-friendly options, cork mats and props are just as reliable as your favorite yoga mat. Help the earth and help yourself too by purchasing a cork mat or block.

  • 4.Easy on Skin

If you have sensitive skin, cork mats may be the perfect mat for you. The natural material will not irritate or bother skin, and there is no rubber smell that may come with a regular mat. Though these mats still have grip, they will not rub on your skin like some other yoga mats could. They have gentler feel and are less harsh than rubber or plastic. Not only will your skin not be affected by cork, but cork won’t be affected by your skin! Cork is naturally anti-bacterial, so it will not be affected by sweat or oils from your skin and body. Even after many uses, your cork mat will feel as good as new.

  • 5.Aesthetic

Nobody can deny that cork mats look cool. Cork’s unique color and texture catches your eye’s attention, not to mention that it matches everything. A cork mat looks good in even the simplest studios. It is simply just a beautiful material. Having such beautiful equipment will make you want to use it more! It’s true that when you wear an outfit you like to the gym you work harder and stay longer, and the same can go for your mat. When you own a mat that looks as unique and inviting as your cork mat will, you will use it more and enjoy using it.

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