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Choosing the Right Yoga Mat

May 24th 2017

Finding the Right Yoga Mat for Your Style and Purposes Whether you are just getting started in yoga or consider yourself an experienced “yogi,” it can be challenging to choose the right yoga mat … read more

What Type of Bolster is Right for You?

May 24th 2017

Beginning yoga is an exciting journey that will lead you to better relaxation, stress management and a stronger body. Yoga can be challenging for beginners, so having assistance will help you learn th … read more

Yoga Mat Care

May 24th 2017

Yoga is great for your mind, soul, and body. Yoga is most efficiently done on a yoga mat. However, since yoga can be very physically strenuous, yoga mats can become dirty and suffer from degradation … read more

25 Fun, Healthy, And Free Activities For Kids

May 23rd 2017

Getting your kids to get off the couch and go play can be a challenge, especially if you need to find activities that are free. However, it is important to encourage your children to get plenty of phy … read more

How Yoga Bolsters Can Enhance Your Workout

May 23rd 2017

It’s a given when you do yoga that you need to have a yoga mat, but yoga bolsters can also become a favorite yoga gear essential once you have experienced how they benefit your workout. Also known as … read more