Yoga Essentials

May 28th 2017

Yoga is one of the least expensive forms of exercise that exists. Like walking or running, it relies entirely on the body's movement and stretching to be effective. However, a few inexpensive essential tools make yoga more comfortable and productive.

Yoga Mat

Yoga mats lend a surface that is often less slippery and uncomfortable than a floor or the ground. They also give yoga practitioners a rectangle on which to gauge their movement, ensuring that their placement is in line with the desired yoga positions. Some, like an extra thick essential yoga mat, also offer comfort for the hands, feet, knees and bottom.

Yoga Block

Yoga blocks have many uses for both beginner and expert yoga poses. They can help maintain stability during difficult poses. They can help practitioners who are at risk of injury relax into poses they would otherwise be unable to achieve and more. Choose from cork, foam and wood yoga blocks and use them for poses that are proving difficult.

Yoga Bolster

Yoga bolsters make yoga what is was meant to be -- relaxed and comfortable. The Deluxe yoga bolster is a round cushion that contours to the body and allows for deep stretching with extra support. This is great both for people with limitations and for people who are very healthy and flexible. It is just plain comfortable.

Yoga Strap

In many instances, people who have just begun stretching are not able to achieve proper resistance because they cannot touch, flex and hold for yoga poses yet. This makes it difficult to attain the level of stretching required because without resistance, there is no progress.Yoga straps make resistance for individuals with limited flexibility possible. The bands slip onto the limb being stretched and can control that that limb from a much further distance than without a band.

These essentials can all fit into a gym bag with ease, making it possible to do yoga in the park, at the gym, at a friend's house or at home. There is nothing heavy or cumbersome involved.