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25 more fun, healthy and free activities for kids

Jun 30th 2017

There is a major focus in today‚Äôs world on the childhood obesity rate. Children tend to spend more time playing video games and chatting with friends over the internet instead of engaging in physical … read more

Yoga Essentials

May 28th 2017

Yoga is one of the least expensive forms of exercise that exists. Like walking or running, it relies entirely on the body's movement and stretching to be effective. However, a few inexpensive essent … read more

What is the Difference Between Yoga and Pilates

May 28th 2017

Yoga and pilates can be an excellent way to boost one's health, improve flexibility and work on one's cardiovascular health. While both these exercises are very popular, it can be difficult to know th … read more

Using Yoga Mats for Kids and School

May 28th 2017

You may have read about some of the many versatile ways that you can reuse an old Yoga mat around the house, in the yard, for camping and countless other use. But maybe there are other fun things to d … read more

Mexican Blankets as Yoga Blankets

May 28th 2017

Mexican Blankets: Versatile Yoga Blankets Serve Many PurposesMexican blankets are quickly becoming a popular item to use for a variety of purposes, especially as yoga blankets. Also known as serapes b … read more