A Little About Yoga Bolsters

May 22nd 2017

If you practice yoga, you likely know what yoga bolsters are, especially if you include some of the more advanced or difficult positions. A yoga bolster gives your back, stomach, hamstrings, and chest … read more

Yoga Wedges and Their Uses

May 22nd 2017

Made from lightweight foam, the wedge is designed to provide stability and support so that yoga practitioners do not compromise the technique of each pose. The foam wedge, which is soft and scratch pr … read more

Benefits of Foam Rollers

May 19th 2017

Are you looking for a way to energize your current yoga or pilates fitness routine? Consider incorporating the use of a foam roller.Increase the rewards of yoga and pilates workouts with the use of a … read more

Top 10 Uses for Mexican Blankets

May 17th 2017

Mexican blankets, or serapes, are as much a symbol of Mexico as sombreros or sugar skulls.Historically, Churro sheep provided the wool, which was dyed with natural materials specific to various regi … read more